Raoul Torresi

Director of Photography, Videographer, Editor


I'm a Cinematographer from Rome, Italy. I belong to a family that has worked in the cinema industry since 1935. I started working on the set when I was 18 years old with some of the most famous Italian Cinematographers. I have worked as a Video Assist, Loader, Focus Puller, and Camera Operator. In 2001 I became a Director of Photography, and I was one of the first to shoot in digital format in Italy. In fact, I was the DOP for the first digital Italian feature film in 2002. I have shot 70 feature movies and other projects such as commercials, documentaries, music videos, short films, and TV shows. I have worked in every part of the world with many different language crews.‚Äč  I married a Texan 13 years ago, and now I live in Texas.


I've worked on very high budget projects for famous production companies and low budget projects for independent film productions. I can adapt the illumination for any style of project. I have often worked in film studios and have filmed using green/blue screen. I have experience working as a camera operator using everything from cranes, dollies, steadicam to hand-held shooting. In 2004 I began editing. One of the films that I shot and edited participated in the Sundance Film Festival. I also have a lot experience in color grading. I am very familiar with each production phase and enjoy collaborating with each professional in all stages of the project.

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